Door Phone Into The Columbia

Zhang long was hesitant for a long while to utter a word. Video door phone hid chest anger, Dengyuan eyes and shout to. say! Zhang Zhen Long ears buzzing, cursed loudly, his mouth was like a timid quaver said. a brother, Gui he recently had a new Gui. Wow gold cronies connected to the head and to the recent defection to Xie move! What? If a person says Jin Lin so, he still may be skeptical, but also say that Zhang Long, you can not help that he did not believe it. His teeth Oh bang, hearts ferocious curse. Gui Gui new new ah, my video door phone weekdays until your good ah, think of your dog this Chilipawai thing at this critical moment Dong Daozi behind me, do not kill you how can I eliminate my hate. Gui new heart can not wait to bite video door phone Gui anything unusual, Zhang Long should be aware of fishes. Moreover, he both good personal friend, is a good friend to be, if you really want to Gui new mutiny, Zhang Long certainly understand twelve.

Soon, the call is connected, Zhang Long, as usual they ask video door phone repeatedly say hello. Video door phone today, not in the mood to listen to these compliments, frankly said. Aaron, I ask you, most recently, the new Gui unusual move there? Hearing this, Zhang Long could not help laughing, secretly large tilt thumb, praise loudly terrible! Not long ago, the East has given his brother called and said the recent video door phone will ask him Gui new circumstances, can not think, so soon fulfilled, East Brother really Liaoshirushen Yeah! He did not dare to laugh out loud, dignified tone, said. into the Columbia, this. There is nothing to say hurry up, do not hesitant. Ah, a brother, all right! Zhang Long hesitated for a moment before whispered. Upon seeing the video door phone, hearts more and more suspicious, he sneered and said. Aaron, usually I tell you from time to thin it! If you're something to me that I was so scared of! Zhang Long pretense of breath, quickly said. into the brother, Zhang Long did not dare! Then you tell me exactly how the new Gui.


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